School Trips

Gesstwood Camp Field Trips

Outdoors Education and Adventure

Prices effective January 1, 2017

Offered all year round

Challenges for Success Ropes Course (grades 6 and up)

9:30am to 2:30pm

          $38/student April 1st to November 30th

$30/student December 1st to March 31st

Outdoor Ed Field Trip Programs and Rates

Offered May and June Only

School Day Trip –All ages 9:30am to 2:30pm    $13/student

(No cost to teachers/assistants)

Full Day Trip – All ages 9:30am to 10pm      $30/student

Snack, Dinner and smores at the campfire provided

($7/teachers and assistants)

Overnight Trip – All ages 9:30-2:30 the following day

$50/student, $88/student with Ropes

Snack, Dinner and smores at the campfire provided on day 1

                    Breakfast, lunch, and snack on day 2 are provided

($12/teacher and assistants)

Combination Programs -Ropes Course and Full Day Trip combined

Grade 6 and up- 9:30-10pm   $68/student ($7/teacher/assistant)

Ropes Course and Overnight Trip combined- grade 6 and up

$88/student ($12/teacher and assistants)

Winter Adventure Program – Grades 6 and up $30/student (4 hour day)

(Snowshoeing, archery, orienteering and low/high ropes element)

Spring Program Activities Include:

    Archery, Orienteering, Interactive Nature Walk, Crafts, Creek Stomping, Co-operative games, Amazing Race,

Water games, Camp wide-Capture the Flag, Frisbee Golf, campfire, songs, Smores and much more....

(Program activities vary depending on grade, weather, and size of group and length of stay)

Contact: Karen Seguin 519-776-7119