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Monday, June 22

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Wednesday, June 3

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Thursday, May 13

2015 Rental Contract added to Forms page

  1. Improvement to SUMMER CAMP  page

    making it easier to locate information and register

Saturday, March 7

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Monday, February 23

The Camp Office will closed until March 1st.

Information and Registration links have just been posted on the site.

Day Camp

Visit the page Day Camp where you read about it and register directly from the link provided.

Summer Camp

Visit the page, Camping Schedule where you can see the program offerings for this summer. For additional information including costs  go to the separate Register page

There may be slight pricing adjustments to what is posted although for the most part prices are accurate. Final decisions will be made during the first week of March when the camp’s director has an opportunity to  check the data. In the meantime you may still register.